Sibel Tüzün 2014

Sibel Tüzün 2014

Sibel Tüzün - Kaç Yıl Geçti Aradan

Sibel Tüzün 2014

Born in 1971, in Istanbul, Turkey, Sibel Tüzün received her early music training in the childrens chorus of Radio Istanbul, part of TRT, the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation. Following her progress to the youth chorus of the same institution, she enjoyed the tutolage of a select group of music teachers and chorus masters.

During her high-school years Sibel displayed a keen interest in pop and rock. In 1986 she came second runner-up in an established and prestigious Music Competition, open to all secondary schools in Turkey. During this competition she got to know Melih Kibar, one of Turkey's most distinguished composers. Enjoying the benefits of her competition success, she got to work with celebrity performers, as well as taking part in various advertisements and promotions.

In 1988 Sibel was accepted to Istanbul University State Conservatory as the primary choice to the Opera and Concert Section. Alongside her classical training Sibel continued in developing her interpretation of jazz and pop. In 1991 Sibel chose to pursue a professional career in music and her early years are underpinned by successes in several prominent competitions.

In 1992 Sibel signed a contract with RAKS Music Productions. Her first Album "AH BIZ KIZLAR" (US GIRLS) enjoyed a large success. Three tracks of this album featured as top hits and with the impetus gained from this work Sibel toured extensively for a period of two years both in Turkey and outside.

1994 saw her in London with Robert Bricknell concentrating on further developing her voice. Following her stay in London she started work on her second album with RAKS music. "NEFES KESER AŞKLAR" (In Love, Breathless) achieved similar success with several her songs entering top hits listings. After completing her 1997 Tour of Europe Sibel started her own production company ARINNA MUSIC.

Her album "HAYAT BUYSA BEN YOKUM BU YOLDA" (IF THIS IS LIFE, COUNT ME OUT) released in 1998 contained eight songs with Sibel's lyrics. This album also demonstrated Sibel's talents in production adding to her reputation as a performing artist. The video clip of the title track, directed by Charles Richards raised considerable interest in the French music channel MCM.

Following various collobarations, "YİNE YALNIZIM" (ALONE AGAIN) 2001, the most significant of them, Sibel returned to her own Production Company ARINNA MUSIC. In 2002 she planned ten songs for which she wrote both the lyrics and the music. The ensuing album "KIRMIZI" (RED) released in 2003 is also enjoying healthy sales and hit listings.

After the publication of the SONGBOOK of KIRMIZI at the end of 2004, Sibel suspended her musical activities until September 2005 to devote her full attention to her baby daughter ELAYA.

In 2006 Sibel represented Turkey as a singer and songwriter in the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST held in Athens.

In 2008 she released two digital singles; “SUMMER LOVE” and “ANSWER THE PHONE”.The same year she acts in a movie named “ CRAZY SCHOOL” which is broked box-office records in TURKEY.

At the end of 2008 she performed in an off Broadway musical “ I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE PERFECT... NOW CHANGE!”

In 2010 she was on stage for another musical theatre named HISTANBUL. She performed 7 different characters on the play. With the company named GARAJISTANBUL they join some international theatre festivals.

In 2010 she relased an EP named SATEN (SATIN) as a singer, songwiter and producer.

In 2012 She participate a famous tv Show “ SURVIVOR” in Dominican Republic.

In 2013 she gave a birth her second child, baby boy CINAR.

In 2014 – 2015 she released three singles; “ KAÇ YIL GEÇTİ?”, “LELLELE”, “AŞK BİZE YETER”

In 2015 Sibel attended Musical Theatre Course at ROYAL ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ART in LONDON.
In 2015 she attented a legendery acting coach Susan Batson’s Acting workshop.
In 2016 Sibel attented vocal course at Copenhagen Complete Vocal Institute.

She’s still having some private lessons with Jane Streeton and also Katya Benjamin on subject Alexander Technique.

Nowadays, she’s performing her concerts by her own group, regullarly taking stages of Istanbul’s wellknown club Frankie, entertaining at corporate events, also performs live gigs with many famous jazz musicians of Turkey, and producing succesfull live stage shows with her company ARINNA Entertainment.

Outside her musical carreer Sibel is a keen sailor and an accomplished co-driver, having assited the renowned rally driver Ethem Genim for two racing seasons.

Sibel Tüzün 2014

Sibel Tüzün 2014

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